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Michael Backunas
Linda Batchelor
Russell Bigelow
Debra Bretton Robinson
Brian Burris
Sharon Carloni
Doug Chapel
Sheryll Collins
Stephen Collins

Linda Dagnello
Robert DesRosiers
Beverly Fratoni
Maru Fusté
Dominik Garafalo
Steve Genatossio

Robert Gilfoy
Karyn Grenier
Bret Herholz
Edward E. Heske

Scott Holloway

Elizabeth Hughes
Lauren C. Kelly


Janet LaPointe
Sou MacMillan
Chris Melanson
Maggie Mulhern
Kathy Murray
Aline Ordman
John Pascarelli
Karen Perrin
Reynald Poisson

Stanley Porter
JeanPaul Raymond
Ann Rosebrooks
Ron Rosenstock
Connie Salter
Joseph Santos

William Scaglione
Angelo Sena
Sid Solomon
Susan Swinand
Jessica Torrant

Peter Wise
Cynthia Woehrle