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Telephone: H: 978-368-3410, C: 774-345-0640


  Artist Statement

My work is how I express my feelings.  I respond to what I see and hear in the media and the world around me, and to my own dreams.  My work carries a strong emotional content and I would classify it generally as expressionistic, but, at the same time I am very eclectic in my approach.  The paintings in this exhibition can be described as mixed media – a combination of abstract painting with printed media embedded in the art.  I see the merging of different styles in my work as a reflection of the merging of influences, cultural, political, and economic, that is taking place in the world today.  The printed media finds its way into the painting in the same way that it invades my imagination and senses.  An image will come to me, and I feel an urgency to get it down on canvas.  As I paint, the image gains definition for me:  I ‘find it’ on the canvas. 

I have had a sense of the visual and a need to create the images I see since I was a young child.  I have always found ways to express myself visually, even if it has only been to doodle or draw.  I decided to become a visual artist when I was thirty-two.  An important person in my life gave me a book on Vassily Kandinsky, and I liked his paintings so much that I wanted to see more paintings.  I got books on the New York School and Jean-Michel Basquiat.  Those books inspired me.  I went to several museums and then I started to paint seriously.  I had what the Native Americans call a “big dream” when I was thirty-two years old, and this gave me the basis for a painting style.  The dream included two colors, red and blue, the colors of the flag of Haiti, my native country.  I started painting intensely and completed 18-20 large paintings in a six month period.  This is when I really got started as a painter.  Later on, I took studio painting courses in college, and at Museum schools.  Since I began painting I have created over 150 works. 

A typical painting might take me four to six hours.  I used to work straight through on a painting, but now sometimes I take breaks, start and stop.  I might work on a painting for two or three days.  When I step back and look at the painting, and see the composition, I know if the painting is completed.  I’m looking for balance and coherence.  As I have said, I start with an image in mind, but that image transforms as I work.  In the mixed media pieces, I introduce the printed word on the canvas first, and then respond to it on the canvass with my painting.  I would say that this is not an intellectual process, but a matter of what I see, and the images I have in my mind.  These images are strongly connected to what I am feeling and my emotions.  I would describe my style as a merger of three painting styles:  Abstract Expressionism, Color Field Painting, and Pop Art.  The presence of these three styles and the way in which they interact vary in each of my paintings.

In my way of working, one painting frequently leads to another painting, or even to another series of paintings.  An example of this is my painting entitled “9/11/01,” which was exhibited at the Fitchburg Art Museum’s 71st Regional Exhibition.  While I was conceptualizing and working on this project the idea of a series of paintings about contemporary events and culture came to me.  Some of the paintings in this series were to be relatively large works.  Since, at that time, I did not have the space to create these large paintings, the project had to be placed on the ‘back burner’ for almost a year.  I eventually did have the opportunity to complete the project, however.  The series is entitled “The Spirit of the Times,” and became the title of my exhibition at Quinsigamond Community College, from February 6 to March 2, 2007.


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