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Artist Bio

Born in Maineís northern most parts in 1945, JeanPaul Raymond was known for his skills as a young budding artist. From his very early years, he was fascinated with the landscape of the rolling hills and open fields of the surrounding farms land. By the age of 7 and 8 years old, he had mastered drawing farming equipment, vehicles, and landscape. But most of all, he fascination for aviation was captured in his relentless detailed drawing stirred by the low flying B-36s from the Loring Air Force base some 40 miles away. In the mid 60ís, JeanPaul pursued his formal art education at the prestigious Rhodes Island School of Design with a BFA in painting.

During the 1970s, he taught art in the Worcester Public Schools for a few years, followed by six years as a graphic artist. During the same time, JeanPaul produced a series of watercolors of the city of Worcester. Two of these watercolors were reproduced as offset lithos where they remain conserved at the Worcester Historical Society. In 1976, JeanPaul married Christine Dowd who was an accomplished classical musician. At the age of fifteen, Christine was the youngest union member of the Worcester Orchestra. They gave birth to their two children while here in Worcester. In 1980, they left the area and moved to Boston. JeanPaul was the pastor of a church for 22 years in the city. During that same time, his love for visual arts never waned. Similarly, he produced another series of watercolors of the city of Boston. To this day, you will find some of his city-offset prints in professional offices around the city. Subsequently, JeanPaul produced another series of watercolors focused on aviation at based on historical events. His love for architecture also allowed JeanPaul to do essential designs for a church that was constructed in the 1980ís in Hyde Park section of Boston. 

In 2004, JeanPaul and his wife Christine returned to the Worcester area where they both enjoy the sereneness of the hills outside the city of Worcester. However, his continued interest of urban planning and cityscape of Worcester will be unveiled in an upcoming series of cityscape art. JeanPaul now focuses on as a commercial illustrator; he is producing illustrations for various publications coming out of the Boston area.

Since his return to full time as an artist, the commercial approach to visual arts has taken an almost unimaginable turn. For expedience and artistic flexibility, most work output is now digital. Much of JeanPaulís work is still traditionally produced but is now scanned and further manipulated within computer software in order to meet customer requirements. These processes have introduced new methods of producing art with digital brushes and giclee printing process. The series on "Worcester" shown here is done with these new approaches.